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The attorneys at Oeser-Sweat, P.C. have worked for over 16 years to provide quality representation in criminal matters to clients. Most law firm sites are commercials which attempt to lure clients into hiring the firm. Unfortunately, Oeser-Sweat, P.C. is not able to take every client that attempts to hire our firm. Our firm, through its various online and offline resources, assists over three thousand (>3000) people a month with legal issues, including the process of finding persons who have been arrested, negotiating the arrest & arraignment processes, and defending against criminal allegations. Our law firm was started over 16 years ago with the goal of providing quality representation to our clients. Whether our clients are famous, infamous, or every day people, we strive to treat our clients as people who have a right to defend their cases. Such being the case, you may find that our firm is not always very responsive to individuals who come from outside of our network of clients. This sometimes frustrates people. This is understandable. However, we have limited resources given the amount of attention we sometimes get from individuals seeking assistance. Our attorneys have written books on DNA evidence, handle high profile and high intensity cases, and run online resources which currently get over 30,000 page views a month. We love to get new clients, but not at the expense of our current clients. Such being the case, we apologize to anyone who may have been frustrated by our frequent decisions to decline to represent individuals who may be unknown to us or who do not come as referrals from our clients. However, making these decisions is the only way to ensure that those people we have committed to already get the representation that they deserve and need. To that end, we have been committed to providing resources to individuals who need help finding their loved ones and negotiating the criminal justice system. This site and our other sites have information which may help individuals who are not able to hire our firm. The information on this site and on our other sites is provided for informational purposes. No attorney/client relationship is intended.

We have information about laws pertaining to sealing records in New York on our sister site: www.sealcriminalrecord.info

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